Axe Brue Internal Drainage Board

The Axe Brue Internal Drainage Board was constituted in 2012 under the Land Drainage Act 1991. It was formed by an amalgamation of four existing Drainage Boards (Lower Axe, Lower Brue, Upper Axe and Upper Brue). The Board is comprised of 28 elected members arranged across 12 electoral areas. Additionally, there can be 29 appointed seats allocated to 3 district councils that fund a Special Levy contribution to the Board. There are currently 26 elected members and 23 appointed. Elections take place on a three yearly cycle in the November of that year. The next election will take place in 2019. Register of Members’ Interests forms are available to view by appointment; please call 01278 789906.

List of elected members (from 2016-2019):

BERROW & BREANWendy WellandSheden Croft, Berrow
BRENT KNOLL, EAST BRENT & LYMPSHAMEd ChampionCollis Farm, East Brent
Colin DurstonKnoll View, Mark
David TrattWick Farm, Lympsham
BURTLE/POLDENColin PopleHill Farm, Burtle
Pamela ThorneGold Corner Bungalow, East Hunstpill
Jim LukinsTownsend House, Axbridge
Brian StitchBrinscombe Farm, Weare
GLASTONBURYBob ClappWest Town House, Baltonsborough
Phoebe JudahUpper Crannel Farm, Glastonbury
Martin Watts195 Wells Road, Glastonbury
HUNSTPILLNoel LukinsRed Ripple Farm, East Huntspill
Maurice WallReeds Farm, Bason Bridge
David WattsFisherman's Cottage, West Huntspill
MARKJeff FearManor Farm, Mark
Richard WillcoxLower Splott Farm, Mark
MEARE TO STREETRay AdlamLilac Farm, Westhay
Alan FranksBleak Farm, Blakeway
Alvin NealeViolet Farm, Meare
Ross WhitcombeApril Cottage, Westhay
NORTH OF AXEMat BoleyBatch End Farm, Lympsham
WEDMORECharlie AingePeppercorn Farm, Wedmore
Edwin BadmanGarden End Farm, Panborough
WOOKEYJohn FrostMelsbury Farm, Polsham, Wells
Martin SmithHartlake Farm, North Wootton
Tom TincknellCross Farm, Wedmore

List of appointed members (2016):

Mendip DC (5) Sedgemoor DC (Continued)
    1  Cllr Philip Ham    14 Cllr Andrew Gilling
    2 Cllr Tom Killen    15 Cllr Alison Hamlin
    3 Cllr Roy McKenzie    16 Mrs  Jessica  Healey
    4 Cllr Graham Noel    17 Cllr  Dawn  Hill
    5 Cllr John  Parham    18 Cllr Will Human
   19 Cllr Roger Keen
North Somerset C (1)    20 Mr Tim Youngs
    6 Mr David  Poole    21 Cllr Jeff Savage
   22 Cllr E (Liz) Scott
Sedgemoor DC (23)    23 Mr Richard Shaw
    7 Mr David Banwell    24    Cllr  John  Woodman
    8  Cllr Cheryl Burnett    25 vacancy
    9  Mrs Heather Case    26      vacancy
   10 Mr Adrian Chidgey    27 vacancy
   11 Cllr Lorna Corke    28 vacancy
   12 Cllr Polly Costello    29  vacancy
   13 Cllr John Denbee

Parrett Internal Drainage Board

The Parrett Internal Drainage Board was constituted in 2005 under the Land Drainage Act 1991. It is constituted to have 23 elected members from 13 electoral districts. In addition 24 appointed members can be nominated to the Board by the District Councils that fund the Special Levy contribution to the Boards costs. Currently there are 23 elected and 24 appointed members. Elections to the Parrett Board take place on a three yearly cycle in the November of that year. The next election will be in 2018. Register of Members’ Interests forms are available to view by appointment; please call 01278 789906.

List of elected members 2015-2018:

ALLERPeter MaltbyHamdown Farm, Langport
BRIDGWATER & PAWLETTWilliam BarnardKeward Farm, Pawlett
Malcolm Young47 Somerset Road, Bridgwater
CANNINGTON & WEMBDONChristopher DayHenfields Farm, Cannington
John IrishDunloe, Blackmore Lane, Cannington
Brian RoweManor Farm, Chilton Trinity
CHEDZOYRebecca HorsingtonMoorland Farm, Westonzoyland
CURRY MOORRoger BarringtonClaygate Farm, West Lyng, Taunton
DUNSTERAndy FewingsLower Marsh Farm, Dunster
KING SEDGEMOOR & CARY VALLEYTony BradfordPeasey Farm, Bawdrip
Barrie BryerChairty Farm, Beer, Aller
David VigarBridge Farm, Henley, Langport
LANGPORTRoger CoombesManor Farm, Milton, Martock
John LockMoortown Cottage, Curry Rivel
Trevor StanburyStream Farm, Drayotn, Langport
NORTHMOORMatthew BereFordgate Farm, Bridgwater
James WinsladeNew House Farm, Moorland
Mervyn Winslade MBEElmgrove, Holloway Road, Othery
STANMOORPeter HouseDykes Farm, Stoke st Gregory
STOCKLANDColin PassmoreThe Wagon House, Cannington
WEST SEDGEMOORMark HeywoodLongstone Farm, Aller
Geoff TheedBurton Dairy Farm, Langport

List of appointed members:

South Somerset DC (3) Sedgemoor DC (14)
1   Cllr Mike Lewis 11   Cllr Ann Bown
2   Cllr Jo Roundell Greene 12   Cllr Michael Caswell
3  Cllr Nick Weeks 13   Cllr Rachael Caswell
14   Cllr Ian Dyer
West Somerset DC (2) 15   Cllr Anne Fraser MBE
4   Cllr Chris Morgan 16   Cllr Andrew Gilling
5   Cllr Brenda Maitland-Walker 17    Mrs Jessica Healey
18    Cllr Stuart Kingham
Taunton Deane BC (3) 19   Mr John Lang
6   Cllr David Durdan 20   Cllr Adrian Moore
7   Cllr Phil Stone 21   Cllr Liz Perry
8    vacancy 22   Mr David Spicer
23   Mr John Swayne
Other (2) 24   Mr Julian Taylor
9   Mr Richard Archer (RSPB)
10   Mr Stephen Parker (NE)

Elected Members

Elections for the  seats on the Board are carried out in two phases. Firstly nominations for the seats are required and if there are more candidates nominated than seats available then a poll must take place.
Nominations can only be accepted from ratepayers for ratepayers in that electoral district of that Board. There are also minimum land ownership or land occupation requirements to qualify for nomination. Only the payers of agricultural drainage rates, with no outstanding drainage rate payments are eligible to vote. Ratepayers will have between 1 and 10 votes to cast for each seat depending on the size of their land holding or occupation. Other members of the public living in the area are not eligible to vote and their interests are represented by the appointed members placed on the Board by the local District Council.

Elected members can also be representatives of ratepayers. If you are an agricultural ratepayer and would like more details of the election process or becoming an elected member please contact the Clerk of your drainage Board.

Appointed Members

Appointed members are a relatively recent addition to the makeup of Drainage Boards. Their inclusion followed the 1991 Land Drainage Act and their function is to represent the interests of the householders whose contribution to the costs of a Drainage Board is paid indirectly through their Council Tax payment. This overall payment from the District Council to the Board is termed the Special Levy. However this cost to the District Council is reduced by partial reimbursement received from central government through the revenue support grant.

To be equitable, and as there is usually more than one District Council contributing to the cost of the Special Levy, each council is allowed to nominate appointed members in proportion to their fraction of the overall cost of the Special Levy.

Qualification to be an appointed member is not restricted to councillors; anyone with knowledge and experience of matters relating to the functioning of a board can be nominated, although it must be done through a District Council.

If you have an interest in becoming an appointed member please contact the Clerk of your local drainage Board.