Minutes of the Coastal Catchment Meeting Held at 1 Church Street, Highbridge on Tuesday 09 December 2014 at 10.30 am

Chairman: Mr Jeff Fear

  1. Attendance and Apologies: as per register appended

Items additional to the agenda: Brean – Transatlanic fibre optic cable to be discussed at item 10

  1. Declarations of interest: – members will declare an interest should it arise in the meeting.
  2. Opportunity for the public to address the meeting: one member of the public present who did not wish to address the meeting.
  3. Minutes of the Coastal Catchment meeting held on 09 September 2014: (appended) having been previously circulated the minutes were signed by the Chairman as a true and correct record of the meeting held.
  4. Matters Arising: Item 9 Brent Broad Track – the contractor was instructed to stabilize banks whilst on site; M S Wall (MSW) is satisfied with the work undertaken.

Finance – overview of expenditure and budget: (appended).  Members were advised that there had been little spend on non-routine works and little on schemes and health and safety projects as P Struck (PBS) had been working on Thorney flood relief schemes for the Somerset Rivers Authority. Favourable Conditions funding will be carried forward accordingly.

Maintenance Programme: MSW advised that routine maintenance had been completed, and that contractors had been invited to submit expressions of interest in tendering for annual maintenance works, as approved at the Full Board meeting of 11 November 2014. It was agreed after further discussion that contractors should identify machine size when tendering to avoid un-necessary tracking on site.

Burnham on Sea Holiday Park, Marine Drive: members were advised that preliminary details include modifications to improve route, with twin wall pipes and an outlet into Apex Lakes and re-profiling works. MSW advised that he was satisfied with the proposals, and that although funded in full by Bourne Leisure, the works will be monitored closely by the Board.

Pitland Rhyne and East Rhyne, Berrow: MSW advised that initial channel survey (to a water level datum) have been completed and cross referenced to OS datum. Cross sections and long sections are now available.

Gateway, Mr Vowles: following discussion with MSW, Mr Vowels has accepted a recommendation to repair or upgrade the culvert with an offer of £1k contribution to the cost. Members were advised that a development of 24 properties nearby may provide a contribution to off-site works, which would include this gateway, as the surface water would discharge into East Rhyne.  Bristol Water will re-site the water main in Pitland Rhyne to 1.5m below bed level.

After further discussion members agreed to postpone de-silting until 2015 to secure funding.

Proposed Cllr N Jones, seconded W Welland ‘that the Board would undertake works to repair the culvert at Mr Vowle’s’ gateway accepting a £1,000 contribution from Mr Vowles.’ All in favour RESOLUTION 1

Mill Green Close, West Huntspill: members were advised that CCTV and jetting had taken place, with approx 7 tonnes of spoil removed. The resulting culvert is in a reasonable condition, however it is estimated that a further 7 days would be required to complete the task. Gauge boards are now present at Batts Bow and Cadwells Lane. There will be some remedial works, either repair stonework or UV lining required. No hard bed to the culvert has been found and a precautionary approach is being undertaken.

Improvements and capital works programme: BK01 Wick Rhyne Outfall – the current twin leaf door will be removed and replaced with a new twin leaf gate by Pope & Son contractors; the work is due to be completed week ending 12 December 2014.

Hatchers Lane: the area has not been cleaned due to badger setts, however members agreed that this area needs to be maintained adequately and therefore consideration should be given to the provision of a class license for badgers.

NWS advised that following consultation with the Boards ecology officer, Phil Brewin, the Clerk was advising against securing a class licenses due to the administrative, training and monitoring cost issues associated with securing the license. Instead the Board would obtain licenses as and when requitred.

It was agreed that MSW and P Brewin would review Hatchers Lane with D Tratt.

Transatlantic Cable: D Tratt declared an interest in this matter. MSW advised that the Board has been contacted by M&M Construction regarding installation of a fibre optic cable that comes ashore from a transatlantic route at a landing station in Brean Leisure Centre and runs towards Loxton. The installation would be undertaken by direction drilling under watercourses with approximately 30(+) crossings.

The proposed route in the Leisure Centre runs parallel and alongside a riparian ditch. Officers have discussed with M&M the possibility of culverting this ditch due to its inaccessible nature for maintenance. The approx length to be culverted is 200m. In principal, the Board has a policy to not culvert; however a recent inspection identified showed the ditch to be surrounded by very large area of amusements and rides with limited opportunity for maintenance. If the Board was to consider approval of this scheme, compensatory storage and habitat would need to be provided. Storage may not provide betterment, however the funding could be utlised for offsite works. It was agreed that Officers should discuss with the developer how best to achieve the cable outcome desired without detriment to the site and seeking improvement as a result of the works.

Proposed Cllr K Smout, seconded Cllr C Williams ‘that that Officers discuss Land Drainage Consent options available that would result in a legal agreement with M&M Construction to vary the Board’s Culverting Policy as a one-off to allow M&M Construction to culvert a length of 200m at Brean Leisure subject to the recommendations of the Board and payment of £25,000 towards off-site works to provide compensatory storage and habitat.’ Vote: 9 For, 0 Against, 1 Abstention; motion carried RESOLUTION 2

  1. Development Control: (appended). Cllr N Jones declared an interest in three planning applications that are in consultation stage: 06/14/00014/CJA, 31/14/00026/CG and 05/14/00022/CG.
  2. Golf Links Road Development: the site links with a private access; the Board is not satisfied that conditions can be discharged on a development of eight properties due to the design. It is also understood that the developer has not secured permission for off-site works.

D Tratt advised that he has been named as the ‘Board Member Consulted’ however he has not

received documents pertaining to the planning applications. C-A Porter was asked to investigate.

Burnham Golf Range: an application has been received for the formation of a bund around Burnham Golf Range; however the Board is not satisfied with the application and is in negotiation with the applicant.

  1. Review of meetings calendar 2015/16: Concern was expressed that the Coastal Catchment meeting in May 2015 is very close to Sedgemoor District Council elections; however members were advised that appointed members remain on the Board until they are advised to the contrary by their respective regulatory authority.
  2. It was agreed that Somerset Rivers Authority meetings are to be included within the meetings calendar once it has received Ministerial approval.
  3. The meetings calendar was approved by members.

Special Correspondence: Nothing at this time.

  1. Bradbury House Update: members were advised that an ‘open house’ had taken place on Monday 08 December for Board members to view the building following refurbishment by Melhuish & Saunders. Final works are being undertaken to allow relocation week commencing 15 December 2014. There will be a minimal disruption due to relocation of telephone/computer equipment.
  2. Members opined that the building with its open plan/partitions was a good arrangement, and that the purpose built building is ideal for the Board.
  3. NWS advised that following a claim for loss of earnings from a local restaurant owner, advice has been sought from the Boards’ solicitors.
  4. Any Other Business: Bleadon Sluice – members were advised that Bristol Water would not proceed with repair/refurbishment works until an agreement with the Environment Agency is in place.

Date of next meeting: Members were advised that the SDBC Management meeting due to take

place on 16 December has been cancelled due to office relocation.

There being no other business the Chairman thanked members and officers for attending and closed the meeting at 11.55am.