Notice to Farmers and Riparian Owners
2020-21 Rhyne Works

The Boards and the Board’s sub-contractors will require access to the viewed rhynes to carry out routine weed cutting works (under Sections 14, 15 and 64 of the Land Drainage Act 1991). The proposed timing of works will take place in accordance with the schedule of works, which is available on the Board’s web site or on request from the Board’s office.

Flailing of banks may be necessary and this may be undertaken two weeks prior to weed cutting. Riparian owners are reminded that work may be undertaken from both banks and arisings may be deposited on either or both banks. In addition the Board requires the NINE METRE maintenance strip from the top of the bank to be kept clear for machine access.

Whilst all efforts are made to minimise damage to crops, it is not normally possible to interrupt or delay the programme to avoid harvesting operations, as efficient routes for the weed cutting have been established.

Furthermore, prior to, during and after the maintenance work has been completed, livestock owners are advised to check the working area to ensure that any toxic plants growing within the watercourse have not been disturbed during the maintenance works.

To minimise operational cost and disruption to the scheduled works the Boards ask that riparian owners/ratepayers inform the Board of locked gates on known access routes.

Farmers and Riparian Owners please note this programme is for guidance only and may vary due to weather conditions, weed growth and machine availability. For further details or to discuss the proposed works please contact the Somerset Drainage Boards Consortium (SDBC) office in Highbridge on 01278 789906.

This Notice can be downloaded here: 2020-21 Rhyne Works Notice