Contractors awarded annual channel cleaning contracts should refer to section 5.2 of the contract prior to submitting invoices. Please also see the examples below for your reference.

“5.2 Price Increase of Costs:

No inflationary increase is payable in the first year of the contract. If there is an increase of more than 2% in the Annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) from the contract start date to the 1st May in the second or third year of the contract period the Contractor shall be entitled to claim that additional percentage on the price payable for the year in question. For the avoidance of doubt the Board will publish the official CPI figures on the Board’s website.”

Official CPI Figures





CPI Examples

Examples of cumulative increases for Brue Catchment 2015-17, Coastal Catchment 2016-17 and general examples to assist with your calculations.




CPI examples