The Somerset Drainage Boards Consortium is the organisation that manages the operations and affairs of two drainage Boards in Somerset.

The two Boards are:

The organisation was formed in April 2005 and replaced two smaller consortia arrangements that existed in the Parrett, Lower Brue and Lower Axe catchments. More recently in 2012, the Upper Brue, Upper Axe, Lower Brue and Lower Axe Boards amalgamated to form the new Axe Brue Board.  The Consortium was formed so that the drainage Boards could have access to professional engineering, financial and administrative services. As a larger group the Consortium is able to act and lobby on behalf of all the Boards in the organisation.

The individual Boards are still the legal corporate bodies that retain all of the powers and duties that fall to them from the Land Drainage Act as well as the environmental and health and safety legislation.

What we do

The main activity of a Board is to manage water levels for the protection of people, property and the environment. In undertaking this work we will be following a series of policies that will generally be common to both Boards in the Consortium. These policies will cover a number of areas including activities in or adjacent to watercourses and the control of development in their areas. The policy documents can be downloaded on out policy’s page.

Where  are  we  based?

The Consortium is currently based at offices in Bradbury House, 33-34 Market Street, Highbridge, Somerset, TA9 3BW,  UK.


 Location Map

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Google map Bradbury House

 First meeting of the newly formed Axe Brue Board, April 2012