• Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the SDBC Offices of the Axe Brue, Parrett and North Somerset Levels IDBs at Highbridge will be closed from Fri 20 Mar 20 until further notice.  We are continuously evaluating the developing situation and following Governmental guidelines. As such, the Offices will no longer be routinely manned.  The normal SDBC Admin Email (admin@somersetdbs.co.uk) will be monitored continuously throughout the forthcoming period and all emails actioned ASAP. The Boards will continue to deliver their responsibilities, whilst ensuring the safety of our Officers and operating under remote ‘Home-Working’ conditions, with as little disruption as possible to business outputs although there may be some unavoidable delays incurred that may require a degree of patience and understanding. Where possible, it is strongly recommended that all correspondence with the Boards are done via email through the above email address and not via post due to potential delays that may be incurred. In the event of an urgent issue arising, the SDBC Duty Officer details can be obtained via the SDBC’s Office Telephone number of 01278 789906. If your call is regarding out-of-hours flooding please contact the Environment Agency on 03708 506 506

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