Governance policies are available to view and/or download. Where possible we will have one policy document adopted by the Axe Brue, North Somerset Levels and Parrett Drainage Boards.

All policies approved by the Boards are reviewed periodically. If the policy you are seeking is not available to download please contact the office on 01278 789906.

Policy documents available for download:

Governance Policies

Board Policy Statement: the Board Policy Statement for all three Boards is available to download or view.

Standing Orders: Standing Orders for all three Boards were amended in May 2021 and duly approved by the Secretary of State:

Axe Brue 2021      Parrett 2021       North Somerset Levels IDB 2021

Financial Policy 2019 – Under Review

Scheme of Delegation 2019 – Under Review

Health & Safety Policy 2019

Members’ Code of Conduct  2020