The Somerset Drainage Boards have prepared Water Level Management Plans for all protected wetland sites on the Somerset Levels to help conserve the natural and historic environment of the Levels.  These Plans provide details and current operational practices for each area and set out a series of actions needed to sustain the special features of the Somerset Levels.

Map of Water Level Management Plan Areas














Downloads of WLMPs and Maps

 Curry Moor

WLMP Currymoor July 2011

Maps Currymoor July 2011

 North Moor & Salt Moor

WLMP North Moor July 2010

Maps North Moor July 2010

 King’s Sedgemoor & Aller Moor

KSM WLMP Parr approved Jul 10

KSM & Aller Maps Jul 10

 West Moor

West Moor WLMP Jul 10

Westmoor WLMP maps Jul 10

 Wet Moor

Wet Moor WLMP Jul 10

Wetmoor WLMP Map

 South Drain

South Drain WLMP Apr 10

South Drain WLMP maps Aug10

 North Drain

North Drain WLMP Apr 10

North Drain WLMP maps Aug10

 West Sedgemoor


West Sedgemoor WLMP maps Feb10

 Othery, Middlezoy,
Westonzoyland & Chedzoy

OMW Ched WLMP Jun 09

OMW&Chedzoy WLMP maps Nov 09

 Bridgwater & Pawlett

  BW & Pawlett WLMP Nov 09

   BW &Pawlett WLMP maps Nov09